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Denise Milani

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Denise Milani
Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani

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Denise Milani the busty bikini model has made a name for herself without getting naked in even a single video or movie so far. IMHO, if she is happy doing what she does, then I am happy.  To be sure, there are lots of Denise Milani image galleries filled with photos that focus on her boobs, but in every pic she is wearing a bra, lingerie, a swimsuit, or she is at least covered by a towel. There was even a petition to get Denise Milani to model nude or topless, but no clips or pics have surfaced so far.  It's still her choice to do as she pleases.

With breasts as large as hers, it’s no surprise that many people wonder whether they are real? The Czech-born internet model maintains an active blog and firmly maintains that her boobs are natural (I can’t imagine what each boob weighs!?) Even though there aren’t any hardcore nude pics or mpeg video files out there, you shouldn’t have any problems finding suggestive Denise Milani wallpaper, jpeg photos, or movies.

Denise is reputed to love the gym, working out, sports, rollerblading, dancing and partying. She has a beautiful face and smile, so her cleavage isn’t the only thing people like about her.

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Chick posted over 8 years ago

I can honestly say she is the epitomy of what a woman should look like…

XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

Ew her boobs are too big for her petite body, large breasts are always ugly on a small woman.

erinmae posted over 7 years ago

specially if they are bigger than her head!

M_eanwhile posted over 7 years ago

She has a pretty face, but her boobs are way to big for her body.

gbman posted over 7 years ago

Wow! She has made a name for herself WITHOUT getting naked?!? Ummmm….how…..ummmm… refreshing :(

ScottyV posted over 6 years ago

Denise is the best I know her from her days as a massage theripist and in addition to being beautiful she is one of the nicest people as well.

nizam82 posted over 5 years ago

nice boobs...

can i fuck u..

nizam82 posted over 5 years ago

please reply me as soon as posible..


realy want u..

vaby posted over 5 years ago

big boobbs on a Slim body looks really nice.

Prety face too.

Denis U really end my search that how the most beautiful girl can look. I m love in .

saqeb posted over 5 years ago

Denise Milani is very Hot and Sexy with her boob breast. She is a wonderful creation of God. She is the sex symbol of modern age. I always dream her to my bed.

freedude posted over 5 years ago

Usually, ugly fat women have such a big boobs. But Denise is slim and very beautiful. Thanks god! I think her boobs are perfect for her body. I voted her for: Best Hot Girl | Best Sex Symbol | Best Body