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lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago

Has anyone heard anything re: downtime?

KingLudd posted over 7 years ago

From Wikipedia:

As of Tuesday 25 September 2007, Demonoid is down. Both the main torrent page and the forum (fora) are no longer accessible.

A semi-official statement was released approximately 18 hours after the site went offline:

"Ok folks, here it is. Demonoid is down. It has been for aroun 18 hours. The reason is down is unkown. It hasnt been RAIDed, shutdown, terminated, deleted, burned, mamed, or thrown under a bridge. There have been speculation as whereabouts. Well the rurmors are false..."


That's all I can find. There's a lot of rumours flying around, but I'd rather wait for something official. I haven't seen anything yet though, sadly.

KingLudd posted over 7 years ago

lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago

Yeah, I noticed my torrents began to pick up again last night, finally! Still, a mystery to what’s going on; we’ll just have to wait and see…

lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

quaternions posted over 7 years ago

Ahh good! No explanation of where they went tho.

lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago

An explanation about legal threats from a Canadian organization was temporarily posted, but now the site says: the latest changes to the site are giving us some problems - we'll be back soon.

NimbleMarmoset posted over 7 years ago

"The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding."

 WHAT?!! I am going to die.

rob_cretzu posted over 6 years ago

Could someone please send me an invite?


POW3RUP posted over 6 years ago


hottninja posted over 6 years ago

If anyone can send me an invite please let me know via bestuff comment.  I don't read my e-mail, and I would prolly miss it if you send me an invite that way.  BTW, I'll seed like a motherfucker.

SaltyCroc posted over 5 years ago

Please, I am requesting a demonoid invite.

Thank you,

cutzu posted over 5 years ago one of the fastest trackers in the world ! Try it and tell us what you think, tnk !
d2lius posted over 4 years ago

PLEASE HELP ME!!! How to upload torrent? i do everything what need to do, but after presing "finish upload" all internet goning off. What need to do? Please


viking2010 posted over 4 years ago

Looking for an invite.

Thanks! in advance!

PteRed posted over 4 years ago

I don't think that in the near future Demonoid is going to lose its leader positions in the internet community. Though new sites like appear day by day (and they are also rather good and search ok), only a pair or so of them will actually become as popular as such monsters like Mininova or Demonoid...

starblazer64 posted over 4 years ago

Hello. If anyone would or could send me a demonoid invite, that would be supremely cool! I feel dumb that I fell for a survey scam to get an invite-which I never got. So if anyone else reads this before falling for one…Don’t do it. You’ll end up with spam e-mail. Fortunately, you won’t be out any money though.

pesis posted over 4 years ago

hello!!! can you help me?? i need invite for demonoid pleaseee!! my emai is

Kitty0x posted over 3 years ago
Can someone please send me an invite to demonoid? Ill love you forever :) Email: