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Dangerous Love Drama-dbsk

Created by alelo. Last Edited by alelo. Tagged as: Humor
Dangerous Love Drama-dbsk

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Members that think Dangerous Love Drama-dbsk is the best!

inho supernatural_number_one_fan Corv. ♥MrsJaejoong♥ Roetje haifas Levina DBSK Jaejoong<3 Rhyme Yuna_YooNa St3phDixon ReiMin ghi maryan¡¡* U is No.1 alelo White_Toey Ee-Bbeun Ragiel Hoi Hoi yunjaexD animeprinc3z Jomin Maeve Kitsune bella280896 izzati1911 Akii" heromichiko lola yunho hitomi2oo7 SittingBull lovejaejae izza-chan Max Shi Won darkangelandblackrose LilyCute misgeestig yuhnoo chibichan


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SiLe posted over 6 years ago

lol did'nt watch it …...but hope i'll one day i think thy r good in drama like singin loooll soo am nat gunna vote !lol coz i didin c it !

White_Toey posted over 6 years ago
I watched it from Youtube and Yunho Oppa and JaeJoong Oppa are  really cute Tongue out
Roetje posted over 6 years ago

I totaly loved the red telephone boot scene!!

Yuna_YooNa posted over 6 years ago

yeah i really like this drama!!

oohh its really dangerous between YunJae.. ^_^

Love it!!! 

Max Shi Won
Max Shi Won posted over 5 years ago

I love it!!!

I was screamin when Hero looked at U-Know's eyes. It was so romantic!!!


U is No.1
U is No.1 posted over 5 years ago

I like this drama . It's romantic!!!

Yun Ho Oppa is so cute!!! Smile

izza-chan posted over 5 years ago

i really really love this drama!

it's so hilarious and full of yunjaeness

the telephone booth scene and the part where yunho catches jaejoong from falling always makes me spazz out



DBSK Jaejoong<3
DBSK Jaejoong<3 posted over 5 years ago

This is a very funny dbsk drama,i like it and watch it alot,its still funny after all the time i watched it lol

inho posted over 4 years ago

ahhhhhhhhh i only could watch afew of this drama

but really like to watch the whole.

St3phDixon posted over 4 years ago

ahhh why havent more people liked this?? XD Its the best short film EVERRRRRRR <3 :3