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Crystal Liu

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Crystal Liu
Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu Crystal Liu

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Name: Liu Yifei, Crystal DOB: August 25, 1987 Place of birth: Wuhan, China Height: 170cm Blood Type: B Education: Beijing Film Academy (graduated 2006) Language spoken: Mandarin and English Profession: Actress and singer Favourite sports: Golf and tennis Favourite actresses: Audrey Hepburn and Vivian Leigh

Crystal Liu Biography

Crystal Liu is currently one of China’s most popular artists, and very popular in some other Asia region as well. Crystal Liu is most famous with TV drama Return of the Condor Heroes, which was arguably the most viewed TV drama in Asia for 2006.

Crystal Liu moved to USA with her mother (parents divorced) when she was around 10 years old. She was back to China when she was 15 to enroll in the prestigious Beijing Film Academy; Crystal is one of the youngest ever students to make it into the academy.

It was in the same year that Crystal was offered her debut TV appearance in Story of a Noble Family as supporting role. The drama was quite a hit and people were noticing the young Crystal Liu.

Crystal Liu then starred in the highly acclaimed Demi Gods, Semi Devils as one of the leading actress. The success of the TV drama also prompted Crystal to star in a couple of movies, Love of May and The Love Winner.

TV drama Chinese Paladin in 2004 was probably Crystal’s breakthrough, where she’s recognized as one of China’s most popular young actresses. Chinese Paladin also gained wide notice from other nation countries, and Crystal started to gain international fame.

However it’s in 2006 that makes Crystal Liu an international superstar, with Return of the Condor Heroes (ROCH). ROCH was a superhit in China, and arguably the most popular Asian production in 2006.

Crystal Liu also started singing, releasing her debut single Mayonaka no Door (Japanese) in July 2006, followed by a full Japanese album and Chinese album in September.

Crystal Liu will be starring in movie Forbidden Kingdom in 2007, which features Jackie Chan and Jet Li. This girl is set to become an international superstar.


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Pudfker posted over 7 years ago
Is she an actress or singer or your girlfriend? Smile
aimeex12 posted over 6 years ago

I’m from Wuhan! well, I was from Wuhan. It’s good to hear the she originated from Wuhan. I’m so proud!

gHeD posted over 6 years ago

She's beautiful...admit it, she's in the Forbrdden Kingdom...and also to love of the condor heroes and, i forget the other one...heheh

She's talented...

vietvietviet2009 posted over 4 years ago

crystal lui is da best