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Crystal Kay

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Crystal Kay
Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Crystal Kay

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 Crystal Kay was born to an African American father (a bassist from New Jersey) and a third-generation Zainichi (person of Korean descent born in Japan) mother who was a professional singer.




  • Although her mother is Korean, Crystal Kay does not speak Korean. She is fluent in English and Japanese.
  • English is her first language, Japanese her 2nd language.
  • As a native speaker of English and Japanese, Crystal Kay is often compared to Utada Hikaru.
  • She is also compared to Amerie due to their similar descent (African American and Korean), although they have so far aimed for different music markets.
  • Her music has been sampled by [KG kun]1 on the smash single "Boom Clap" which features Jin tha Emcee's associate Yung Mac.
  • American Pop/R&B star Janet Jackson is Crystal Kay's most influential musical artist.
  • Blood type is O.
  • Crystal Kay is friends with and went to school with Japanese-American singer/TV personality Beni Arashiro.
  • Crystal Kay's favorite color is green.
  • She appeared as a guest on Cartoon KAT-TUN, a show hosted by Japanese boy band KAT-TUN.



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yukimichi posted over 7 years ago

her voice and her songs were wonderful!

absynthefairy99 posted over 7 years ago

i love the one that she sang for nodame cantabile anime!

CoCoxLuv posted over 7 years ago


Starrmiki posted over 7 years ago

So beautiful…both the voice and the outer shell.  Score, another one for the Blasians!

Botanbutton posted over 7 years ago

Beautiful, sweet, polite and with a fantastic voice! I can't help but love CKay! My brother drools by looking at her pictures!!

Suteshi posted over 7 years ago

She looks like a younger version of Baby Phat designer Kimora Lee Simmons. Her voice is "crystal clear"

bloodsanity posted over 6 years ago

can sing well!

hero kitten
hero kitten posted over 6 years ago

Crystal Kay i love her and her songs she is my idol ^^

yoone posted over 6 years ago

From 1-10

Music 10

Beauty 8

Voice 8

Style 10

Sexiness 9

Average = 9 ........ She's HOT....

Botanbutton posted over 6 years ago
Lol Yoone's scale~!
tomomi posted over 5 years ago

her song boyfriend is so beautiful..^_~

x Kasumi x
x Kasumi x posted over 5 years ago

I love her tunes!!! :)