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It's the best! There's better! Bookmark is a website where you can go watch dramas/movies and animation movies…

it’s a very cool website!!..if your’e a big animation/anime lover, you should check out this’s a very fun website!!!..there’s plenty of animation series and korean/japanese/taiwanese dramas for you to go check out…

 there's also many music videos too... Please support this website... thanx!~


Get Great Stuff at (and other places we like)

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MissKhangYang posted over 7 years ago

really good video site!

lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago

Just finished watching Barefoot Gi-Bong on there. :)

love2homa posted over 7 years ago

Winkit's sooo goood site and full with all kinds of drama and anime i just love it...

m_argarette posted over 7 years ago

this site is so fun . . .

RukiaIchi posted over 7 years ago

My source for anime and drama's with english subtitles :)

lilomess posted over 6 years ago

my site for asian dramas with eng subs ^^

teppeinokanojo posted over 6 years ago

yey for crunchy! great subs~

ra3ie posted over 6 years ago

this website is the best anime website,, and drama website, lol,, but it is rly fun to chat with ur buddys and watch anime and drama, i know i repeated  (watching anime and drama) twice,, but bare with me, to make it short, its the best,, yaaaaayy 

KiMii posted over 6 years ago

I lOve it! thing is..

some of the dramas/animes are licensed! dayum! x_xthey are the death of me. ><


sinem~ posted over 6 years ago

that website is absolutely super ! when i couldnt find movies/dramas/animes that i want to watch, i enter crunchyroll (:

malayajoan posted over 6 years ago

you can find nice jap/kor dramas/anime/movie here _

xHyper_Sonicex posted over 6 years ago

I love it

MaxRoBo posted over 5 years ago

i really truly madly support this site!!! the Best of all the best video website in terms of animation concerns... yeah..people are friendly and i was able to get in touch with other friends of my same interest!!! i love

a kenichi matsuyama fan!!!

Aliiz posted over 5 years ago

this is one my fav sites, i luv my account on this site, i have some nice friends in this sites ^^ i ♥ all them guys!!!

PheonixKuriboh posted over 5 years ago

I ♥this site im always cheking it out!

dougal1964 posted over 5 years ago

I like the picture quality of the streaming as well as the anime they offer subtitled ito english.

theblackcat posted over 5 years ago

I loved that site! Until, of course, they decided to go legal. Last time I checked they didn't even have Vampire Knight. That was a while ago though, so I'm not sure any more.

HisashiBozu posted over 5 years ago

Gosh that site is fun :D

fantasyn posted over 5 years ago

nice ryt?? its awesome… rly it is.. so nice..

PheonixKuriboh posted over 4 years ago
Awesome  site :DDD
Ice Beauty
Ice Beauty posted over 4 years ago

it’s a nice site :)

irenemae posted over 4 years ago CR! soo much xD

elf.1993 posted over 4 years ago

excellent …. im a big fan of this site . posted over 4 years ago :D
reynaldoinjog posted over 4 years ago

hi how to download full lenth movie

Geki*24 posted over 3 years ago

it's fun to become a member of this website. . .

i really like it!!!

ZDragon90 posted over 3 years ago

I love crunchyroll!!!!!:3

Whitley101 posted over 2 years ago

so what kind of site is it? You watch stuff online or you download it? Is there a big choice of movies and shows? (american ones)

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