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"Could I BE Wearing Any More Clothes..."

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"Could I BE Wearing Any More Clothes..."

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This line first appeared in “The One Where No-One’s Ready”, an episode in the 3rd season of “Friends”. At the time of its utterance, Joey is wearing ALL of Chandler’s clothes (see picture).

I must confess, actually, that this very funny line is not repeated anywhere except in my own head. I think that counts…


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Veronica posted over 8 years ago

Now that was funny:DDD

Nicha posted over 7 years ago

aww, poor chandler.

though i DO love it when they make fun of him.

“the hills are ringing… with the sound OF music” “that is SO NOT true!”

konkira posted over 7 years ago
And worst part is that he's going commando. Haha, oh god, I remember now, and then Joey starts doing commando lunges while Chandler just looks on, horrified.