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Broken Flowers

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Broken Flowers

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Broken Flowers is a 2005 comedy-drama film directed and written by Jim Jarmusch and produced by Jon Kilik and Stacey Smith. It stars Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Julie Delpy, and Mark Webber .

The main character, Don Johnston (Bill Murray), receives an anonymous letter, allegedly from an unnamed former girlfriend, informing him that he has a 19-year-old son who may be looking for him. At the same time, his current girlfriend Sherry (Julie Delpy) moves out. Don has lived the life of an archetypal womanizer, a “Don Juan”, and any one of several former girlfriends may have written the letter. He initially doesn’t intend to do anything with the information, but his friend and neighbor Winston (Jeffrey Wright), a mystery and detective enthusiast, convinces him to visit the four possible mothers.


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loum posted over 8 years ago

Watched it 4 times and still love it :)

Vano posted over 5 years ago

I watched it at least for times, and I didn't see you there for any of them.

What are you anyways? Some sort of scuba diver?

How do you watch movies when you're scuba diving all the time?

What does Poseiden think of your lying ass?