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Blue Rose

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Blue Rose
Blue Rose Blue Rose Blue Rose Blue Rose Blue Rose

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It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

I could send you a Red Rose to tell you of my love and respect for you.

I could send you a Yellow Rose to let you know what joy your friendship brings me.

I could send you a Pink Rose to thank you for being so kind to me.

I could send you a White Rose to tell you just how much I like your simplicity and gentleness.

But instead I am sending you a Blue Rose to tell you what a rare and unique person you are. And to let you know how special you are to me.

Let the impossible happen… Believe in the blue rose.


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TriskaidekaPiT posted over 8 years ago

Genetically modified rose… But… anyway… Blue is also the color of love… :)

rinoa posted over 8 years ago

actually, the picture here isn’t a “real” blue rose… it’s photoshop XD I don’t think the “genetically modified” one( ) is blue… it’s purple >_< but anyway… I love blue roses ‘cuz of what they represent… and I’m happy to see that more people love them too ^^

TriskaidekaPiT posted over 8 years ago

Oh… I didn’t see “Photoshop” in your Best Stuff ! ;) You are true, blue roses don’t exist for the moment. Some Japanese company called Suntory is trying to create a genetically modified blue rose but for the moment, the problem is precisely to make blue rose and not purple rose… they have already spent over 20 000 000 $ to make that purple rose… but… anyway, anyway… Please, let’s dream this true real blue rose… :)

iheartblue posted over 7 years ago

blue roses are off the hook. they are really pretty.

sriveros posted over 6 years ago

Generatically modified... Okay I seen so many people say this... specially here in North America; it's driving me crazy!! It shows how ignorant we are about the rest of the world... And how quickly we spread our ignorance... There is no hope! We hear something from someone else, don't even make sure if it's right and we go on passing wrong information around. Jeepers! I went on a vacation to Brazil and saw the real thing!!! There is a place called Jardin Diamante... I might be typing the name wrong... I am not Brazilian and don't speak their language so... Anyway, If you want to see the real thing, go there! This place has a huge field of blue roses, and even their butterflies have adapted to it... they are all blue to match the roses. You can run through it and hundreds of butterflies fly up into the sky. Really neat place to take your wife on a honeymoon. And this native guy in Brasil told me that if you cut the blue rose from the ground, it will die within 24 hours. That's why we don't have them here. Companies who import blue roses are not interested in roses like that because they can't make money. But I think the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Canada managed to import some. But they can't leave the consevatory or they'll die for some reason. They need a really unique ecosystem in order for them to survive. They are considered to be as unique as the four leave cover for that reason. That's where their meaning come from... "mysterious" and magical. Some films in South America that the witch in the movie use the blue rose as a key ingredient when making the love potion. To cast the forever love spell... The where the second meaning come from... "forever love". They even had a documentary about it because they are having a hard time right now because of global warming. So there, enough said. Oh yah, but the blue rose photo on this site looks photoshop like, because blue roses are darker in color and the blue betterflies look like this (I'll upload some real blue rose photos from my album once I figure out how to upload photos on here):

hardLOVE_everlasting posted over 6 years ago
such a beautiful flower!!!..... i love the red roses but the blue ones are simply one of a kind and simply so attractive....!!Smile
WackyLove94 posted over 6 years ago

Rinoa that was so beautifully written. Such talent.

Raccoon Child
Raccoon Child posted over 5 years ago

Rinoa, I love that description. The blue rose is my favorite flower.♥