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Black Nail Polish

Created by Katii. Last Edited by zzxz. Tagged as: Other
Black Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish Black Nail Polish Black Nail Polish Black Nail Polish Black Nail Polish

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Makes you look like you have an edge an it can hide the little imperfections on your nails...either way its the best way to go goth/emo

by: X0X0TokioHotelX0X0.


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hotpinkplaydough posted over 7 years ago

i really want to buy black nail polish…. it would go with evrything, even my mood, since its changing all the time. u kno what would be awesome? if they had black nail polish that was like mood rings, it would change color with whatever mood u were it! i would totally buy it! :P

Jif posted over 7 years ago

I think they do have mood-color-changing nail polish… at least they used to, and it was a sort of a black shade too.

hotpinkplaydough posted over 6 years ago

are u serious!? SWEETNESS! hmmm… I  MUST CHECK THIS OUT! quickly searches google wow, ur rite! i wonder if they sell it anywhere around here… thankx for the tip, i guess its a tip rite? well anyways thankx :D

Jif posted over 6 years ago

Yeah, I wish I could remember who made it… maybe Revlon? Or Rimmel? Not sure though… sorry!

HelloCarm20 posted over 6 years ago

painting your nails with a sharpie works too.

iheartblue posted over 6 years ago

black nail polish is really good to wear on nails!

Yrallih45 posted over 6 years ago

I love black nail polish. It's really the best color.

FMAFan23 posted over 6 years ago

Wheres black nail polish when I need it? ;D

[[Rawrr]] posted over 6 years ago

it's fabulous and i seriously stock up on it….but my school is gay and wont let us wear it…urghh gay school posted over 5 years ago

it's stylish!


Blackbird <3
Blackbird <3 posted over 5 years ago

Hahahaha most of those pics are of Bill Kaulitz.  lol.  He's got good nail polish.

monse17 posted over 5 years ago

i looove black nail polish its just too cute i love my nail polish :P with some white stripes on … :P

' ' yennchan
' ' yennchan posted over 5 years ago


kuro kokoro
kuro kokoro posted over 5 years ago


MCR_gerard posted over 5 years ago

I like it =)

CrazyHazel15 posted over 5 years ago

love it cant live with out it i always have my nails painted black!!!

Xxim_a_fake posted over 5 years ago



CardyLover posted over 5 years ago
sweet invention… you can go chill hip softcore goth without having to go all the way. i seem to have noticed over years of listening to different bands and checking out their videos that almost every moderately cool (and successful) rock chick has had black nail polish at some point… my personal fav. is Nina Persson on the Gran Turismo album. check the video to ‘Do You Believe’. just as the outro starts there’s a shot of her in the driver’s seat raising her middle and index fingers in a kind of peace sign. she has some dark nail polish on- can’t tell if it’s cherry or black, but it almost looks black... anyway, that stuff always looks smoking hot somehow!

gummybear2227 posted over 5 years ago

that reminds me I gotta stock up on it lol

JohnnyMalarky posted over 5 years ago

How do I know Bill wahtever the shit his name is, is a fag? He has doesn't just wear nail polish, he has french tipped nails as evidence of the 2nd picture from the left top.

Anyways it looks good on girls.

Clefable posted over 4 years ago

black and blue to match my eyes… :0

kristal posted over 4 years ago

I’m do it because Adam Lambert doing it! and yeah it looks cool to

Rika!!!XD posted over 3 years ago

It luks Cooooooooolllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!