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Black Eyes

Created by mynameistalia_17. Last Edited by mynameistalia_17. Tagged as: Other
Black Eyes

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It always bothered me how others only considered "ice blue" eyes and green eyes "so gorgeous". I have black eyes (the pictures is my eye) and always thought they were unique and cool, but no one else really seemed to think so, so I want all of your opinions!


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mynameistalia_17 posted over 6 years ago

Well, I added this one and it's my first addition to Bestuff! Hope you all comment it and enjoy it!

P.S. - Like my eye?

AntiSocial posted over 6 years ago

Black eyes are gorgeous!! Yes, I like your eye. xD

HanelleLouise posted over 6 years ago

I think you eyes are really pretty! My eyes are a dark dark brow, almost black but yours are just so pretty.

VSgurlee posted over 6 years ago
green and blue eyes are pretty, but black eyes are pretty AND unique.
CutenessOverdose posted over 5 years ago

I Love Black Eyes They're Unique!

I Know A Guy With Black Eyes And Grey Hair It's So Cool XD

beyukii posted over 5 years ago

yeah, if it's BLAAAACK   i love it!! it's best color for everything…and my eyes are totally black….i just love my eyecolor…

shiki1331 posted over 5 years ago

I want black eyes. They're so cool and they twinkle way more than other eye colors.

Nightfure posted over 5 years ago

That's... awesome O.O I didn't even know that eyes could be black :D

My eyes are gray, green, blue, and gold all mixed up... people keep saying my eyes are pretty, but personally, I think yours are prettier with the solid black color then mine XD

Jacky-lulu posted over 5 years ago

i like it ^^

Ellz posted over 5 years ago

Your eyes, or at least the one I've seen ;-), are really neat and really beautiful. You know though, to me it looks like it's really really really dark blue. That would be equally awesome.

Yazoo posted over 5 years ago

I love your eyes<3 Dark eyes are beautiful…..

Lalo3000 posted over 5 years ago
I personally like blue eyes green eyes or anything thts not brown but black eyes r cool cause theyre just cool to see if any light goes on them.Laughing
**Niki posted over 4 years ago

my eyes are black too! but people mistake them for dark blue sometimes because it reflects the sky or some colors...

but i wear blue contacts sometimes too! :)

p.s. your eyes are pretty! :3 ♥ i added my picture but i decided to delete it. >_<