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Beyond Birthday

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Beyond Birthday
Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday Beyond Birthday

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Name: Beyond Birthday
Also Known As: B, Backup, BB, Rue Ryuuzaki
Birthdate: Unknown
Deathdate: January 21, 2004
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Likes: Strawberry Jam
Dislikes: Unknown


Beyond Birthday (also known as Rue Ryuzaki/B, BB) was the 2nd child taken in at Wammy's House, in an attempt to create a successor for L, and was the serial killer behind the Los Angeles BB Murder Case.

Beyond Birthday has never appeared in the manga, anime, or film series to date, but the BB Case was briefly alluded to in both manga and anime. He was born with Shinigami Eyes, which allowed him to see and know when exactly people around him would die, as well as knowing their full names. He uses this ability to pick his victims and kill them when they would have been destined to die. It is unknown how he could have possibly been born with the eyes, though Mello wonders if a Shinigami dropped its eyeballs to Earth (instead of a Death Note). Some have claimed that Beyond Birthday is a cannibal, but this is only a rumor. The novel did not say anything about him eating his victims' remains. Though this could be true, further information has yet to be revealed. During the investigation of the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases with Naomi Misora, B is described to have jars filled with strawberry jam in the victim's fridge. Some people also speculate that similar to L and Mello's craving for sweets, Beyond Birthday craves strawberry jam. However, he was only said to have eaten an entire jar one time in Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases and Naomi Misora never witnessed him doing so again, though she herself wondered about the same thing. It is possible that his love of sweets during the entire time with Naomi Misora was a charade as well. Although mentioned only once in the book, it is also implied that Beyond Birthday practices laughing quite often. Also, it is interesting to note that his laughter is referred to by Mello as a "Shinigami's laugh."



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vocalhysteria posted over 6 years ago

Ah, good ol' Beyond Birthday. Jam is incredibly tasty, ne?

Baw, he's a cutie.

Mistress of Yaoi
Mistress of Yaoi posted over 6 years ago

there is no better bad guy to get under you skin and make it crawl like BB!

AnimangaFan12 posted over 6 years ago
Beyond Birthday is awesome. He is the world's greatest serial killer.Smile
otaku911 posted over 5 years ago

hes the best!!

otaku only!!!
otaku only!!! posted over 5 years ago

ryusaki cant beat this fool!!!

misshyangjae posted over 5 years ago

Go BB!!!! <3

Fox Trot
Fox Trot posted over 5 years ago

The Jam sorta looks like blood on his hands

PheonixKuriboh posted over 5 years ago
Bou M.
Bou M. posted over 4 years ago

HE IS SO COOL. He looks like L,he has shinigami'S eyes,if he had the death note, he could be more powerful than kira, he's a bad guy and B is the first letter of my name x)! I just love him x)

Dark Angel12
Dark Angel12 posted over 3 years ago

he's hot <3