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Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia

Created by Diva. Last Edited by DeadHead69. Tagged as: Food
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia

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As a tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, Cherry Garcia is cherry ice cream with yummy chunks of cherries & dark chocolate swirled in. Absolutely delish!!!


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Diva posted over 8 years ago

I was going to vote for Rocky Road, but I’ve had some less than tasty versions of it. You can never go wrong with this one. :D

Xxx_bee_xxX posted over 7 years ago

Definitely the best! Sweet cherry, bitter chocolate and creamy vanilla…....mmmmmmmm

gbman posted over 7 years ago

Ice cream, cherries, chocolate. Oh yeah!! :P

coco9 posted over 7 years ago

I once downd tubs of Cherry Garcia the night before an important exam. To hell with the calories :)

EzzieKsmom posted over 6 years ago

While I was pregnant, this is ALLL I wanted lol  Still love it!!

DeadHead69 posted over 4 years ago

I would like to point out that description is wrong. It’s CHERRY ice cream with cherry & coco chunks. NOT vanilla ice cream. Also, this is a very good ice cream, THE best! And Im talking about Ben & Jerry’s in general, all their flavors are too good to pick just one favorite!