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Being Turned into a Vampire

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Being Turned into a Vampire
Being Turned into a Vampire Being Turned into a Vampire

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nikie72004 posted over 7 years ago

i would love to be turned into an actual vampire and i hate those phonies who think they are vampires just because they suck blood, and just because they don't go out during the day doesn't mean ur turning cuz like isnt that a myth?

scidude0 posted over 7 years ago

well because some people you belive are phonies actually might be practicing

but thats a belife to others i belive it!

khanhdan posted over 6 years ago

After I seen " Queen of the damned " I always wish to turn into a Vampire

It`s the best if I would be bited by a handsome vampire :) 

The Princess <3
The Princess <3 posted over 6 years ago

I would LOVE THIS!

*E*T*E*R*N*A*L* posted over 6 years ago

Jeez, what is it with vampires nowadays? They're just humanoids that suck blood as far as I can tell.

*E*T*E*R*N*A*L* posted over 6 years ago

The only vampire I like is Alucard and because he's violentely funny.

Twilight sucks, BTW.

The most annoying book ever made. EVER.

Loveandlies98 posted over 6 years ago

Wow i can't belive you said twillight sucks....

 I loveeee it <333

Lacretia666 posted over 6 years ago

I think it is way out of hand when someone turns down my beliefs of vampires and their culture and history:( I have and always will believe that they are out there, and that one day, i wish to join them. I have no doubt in my 15 yr. old mind, that they are out there, just waiting for the belief to be shown:D That is what i think, and i hope i am not alone?

_tarlzie_ posted over 6 years ago

have you ever even read Twilight? dont judge something until you try it!

MakiVicious posted over 6 years ago
Twilight is awesome. If you think it sucks give me a good reason ;]].
DRA!NED posted over 6 years ago


samgirl posted over 6 years ago

theres this girl that stalks me and she thinks shes a vampire. yup.

blacktears730 posted over 6 years ago
vampires kickass    Tongue out*lick the blood off my lips*
~bambii~ posted over 6 years ago

omg! i want 2 b a vampire sooo bad,i no wat could happen. but if any 1 knows how 2 get turn email me!!!

Lestat616 posted over 6 years ago

Twilight sucks becasue of the, restraint, and "vegetarian" aspects that they try desperatly to play off as vampirism. Yea powers are cool, and the the eyes are ok, but some thing that really go off are the "sparkle effect" which suck.    "OH LOOK IM A SISSY SPARKLY MONSTER"   Hes an f-ing vampire thats the point. To be a knight of the shadow and to prey upon PEOPLE.  Yes i can understand abit of animals to get you by, but its not good for you as animal blood is abit different. The whole "i dontk now if a can hold myself back" thing is rubbish.  I know he bites her, but only becasue its going to save her from death. (cant imagine that actress even more pale). Fact is the vampires are NOT beleivable as theyre not really vampires.  They are the dream of Stephanie Meyer and shall stay that way. Too many people think "Twilight" i the best kind or most popular vampire..  Yes among teenage girls age 8-18…  If you want some real vampyres who deal with real issues go pick up som Ann Rice or sumthing abit less watered down. I gurantee 80% of the ppl who think vampirism is anyhting like Twilight would have rude awakening assuming you COULD be turned. Its probably a dark life of hunger, pain, lust, and lonley immortality….id sign up for that in heartbeat.   My passion for vampirism is like the Orchids need for sunlight.,

EmpressPhoenix posted over 5 years ago

I agree with Lestat. I have never read Twilight, nor seen the movie. Admittedly, if I DID..I'd probably end up liking it, for the fantasy aspect and such.


However, MY loving of vampires..I don't know when it started, however..Interview with a Vampire, it is a very good movie. I believe it's more true in the aspect of a vampires life, than Twilight will ever be.


Twilight basically feeds off of the fantasies of mortals whom wish to have one of those angels of darkness, fall for them. *shrugs* IWaV is more believable than Twilight.

 By the way, I'm sure most all of you go to school. Why can't you apply your grammar skills when you are online? I'd love to see you write a term paper or such with the crap grammar most all of you possess. <3 I'd give you a lovely big F for fail for the rest of your life, if I were a teacher and saw you typing like this.

ilovemusic2587 posted over 5 years ago

blood tastes pretty good!

Bloodthirsty posted over 5 years ago
I have to agree with Lestat in some way. Vampires do not feed off of animals like it shows in Twilight however i do like the books its a good read, and the movie is good too in my opion but like Queen of the Damned or Interview with a vampire those movie are much more like what a vampire life would be like, not ashamed of what you have become. If you look at is this way from Twilight it's like the movie is saying being a vampire is bad that it's like some kind of curse, and in some way it is my very favorite vampire movie is Dracula to me that shows exactly what a vampire life would be like. Now I've liked Vampires ever sense I can remember and in some crazy way I guess I do believe they exist and I respect the quiet seceret life they live some people have confort that they don't exist and some would wish they can be turned into Vampires but the question is would you be willing to give up alot of things to become a Vampire? And would you be able to stand the pain of living the life as a Vampire? I believe that living as one is not what it's cracked up to seem.
JohnnyMalarky posted over 5 years ago

Twilight is killing the vampire genre with its fairy bitch characters("This is how a monster looks, OMG look at my sparkles!" in gay accent no offense to you gay guys), wussy vampires (I only drink animal blood? Really?) and destroying the vampire myth (vampires don't fucking sparkle). Plus the actors and the book sucks. I read the first book… good enough for me to make a judgement.

VAMP!RE posted over 5 years ago
I KNOW HOW TO BECOME A VAMPIRE EVERYONE AND I AM ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing
awakened posted over 5 years ago

ive heard some ways...i am 1 too (im not a fucking poser)

*evil grin*

vamp_chik posted over 5 years ago

i would love to. not for twilight tho lol. i learned tho that yu shuldnt think it would make life easier but it wont, just harder. i do believe in vampires. they are out there and living among us. but to ppl that dont believe need to stop posying rude comments. i mean seriously. we dont take their religion and say that their god or whatever they believe in isnt real, so they shuldnt say that what we believe in isnt real. but yeah i would like to become one

ilovevampires posted over 5 years ago

Does anyone one howw to become a vampire?? I really wanna be one soo badlyy. They are soo cool and  the girlss are usually really pretty, and men are totally gawjuss. Are there any vampire lads out there?? xoxoxxx

modelyoshii posted over 5 years ago



A vampire is a mortal creature that has for some reason rejected its soul, expelling it from and giving control of its actions to the sensual body, the source of the reaction, the remnants of the soul, or a conglomerate of all three. While the most common way to become a vampire is to be initiated by another vampire, or to become a source via demon possession or disease, there are also some magical methods which can be used.

vampires are born out of a fundamental change which can occur in the physical bodies of creatures which possess a soul. In most mortals the soul is the fundamental source for action, creating the original impulses which eventually become the person's acts. It is also a passage through which the creature can gain a small amount of the infinite power underlying the universe, power which is necessary for the functioning of a self conscious being.

A vampire is born when a mortal creature undergoes a change which causes the sensual physical body to revolt against the soul, usually expelling it, and taking control of the creature. The actions of the being are then controlled by either the remaining physical brain, the remnant of the soul, whatever caused the expelling of the soul, or a conglomerate of these forces. It is this emphasis on the physical body to the exclusion of the soul, which causes many vampires to be obsessively sensual and addicted to their own suddenly intense perceptions.

There are many things which can cause a creature to become a vampire. These include certain forms of intimate demonic possession, various viruses, the casting of spells to become a vampire, or mental disease. Each of these causes has its own peculiar nature, and can result in very different outcomes for the victim.

The change into a vampire is almost always accompanied by physical changes in the creature's body. The most common of these is a removal of the ability to feel pain, and a fundamental change in their perception of the world. These are caused by the sudden lack of soul, which influences the way everything looks and feels. The immortality of the creature comes due to a perceptual change. The body in complete control of itself does not choose to harm itself with entropy, and so stops doing it. However it is the soul which provides a creature with true wisdom and this form of immortality almost always results in major psychological problems. While immortal, eventually almost all vampires end up committing suicide due to the pressure of their own thoughts.

Changes such as an increase in strength, the ability to fly, psychic and telekinetic powers, and magic abilities are fueled by a power source which accompanies the transformation. As such these abilities are dependent on the amount of energy within the being, and will be increased or decreased by this factor.

Energy is a major problem for vampires, who have to fuel a self conscious existence without the benefit of the soul's pathway to the infinite power source. If a demon initiates the change, then their inherent power will fuel the initial act. If the change occurs due to a mental problem, or a mental problem caused by a virus, then the remnants of the soul and the body itself will have to fuel the initial change. This often results in vampires of very low consciousness and power.

Later energies have to come from another source, as even the initial power of a demon can not fuel a conscious being for long. This power is often gained through the drinking of the blood or souls of other self conscious creatures. Unfortunately the drinking of a soul, or soul blood, will only give a creature a limited amount of energy, requiring that the vampire repeat this act on a regular basis to survive.

The need for energy can become an obsession in vampires, overwhelming any sense of control and self they may have once had. If the need becomes too great, it can utterly destroy whatever mind remains in the creature, turning them into a zombie.

Some experiments have been done with plasma, as well as nuclear and subatomic energy sources as a way of fueling vampires. This technology is still in its infancy however, and most of the vampiric test subjects claim that these methods are still too weak to effectively sustain them.


Intimate infection from a demon: When a demon infects a mortal in such a way that they bind with the physical body of the creature, they can often pry the soul out of control of the body and permanently remove it. The power of the demon fuels the initial removal of the soul, as well as the first few hours of action. After this, most vampires will require the blood or soul of other conscious beings. Over time the demon will become more efficient at extracting the energy from these sources, and will require less. However initially, the need will be quite great.

This method of infection can also be transmitted to other conscious beings through the sharing of blood. In this way the demon within the initial vampire can multiply itself. The power of the second vampire will be slightly less then its makers, however over time it will also increase. There is also some speculation that when the initial vampire is destroyed, if the demon is eradicated with it, that all of the vampires born of that demon will also be destroyed.

These vampires tend to be the most powerful, and possess the strongest attributes. This is because the energy of the demon fuels the initial transformation, and the first few hours of existence. The demon also helps the body to become accustomed to its new existence, and can synthesize the souls or blood of other creatures, making it a useable source of energy. They also make it easier for the body to tap into telekinetic, psychic, and magical powers, as well as the new physical power within its body.

Infection from a virus: Some viruses can cause a change in the body which destroys it in such a way that the soul fleas, but the physical brain retains some control over the creature's actions. Initially such beings will be extremely weak and may be mistaken for dead. However, if they gain a source of energy, and a way to synthesize it into something they can use, they may be able to cobble together a consciousness. Their energy source may be the blood or souls of humans, or might be some other form of magic or chemical energy.

These vampires are marked by weakness, and a lack of consciousness. They are often compared to zombies, with the main difference being that vampires do not seam to degenerate after the initial change, while zombies are in a constant state of decline.

Vampirism by mental disease - In rare cases a person's physical mind can become obsessed with the sensual body to such an extent that it begins to revolt against the creatures inner soul. This is usually a violent struggle, and can be very painful and difficult for the victim.

As the soul is removed the creature begins to require alternate sources of energy to fuel its consciousness. In these scenarios, blood or souls are as likely as any other source to become the fuel, as the creature does not possess the ability to synthesize blood into a useable form. Some cases have been observed where vampires of this type become voracious eaters, others draw their energy from fire, and others use magical means to fuel themselves.

Spells to become a vampire: There are many mystical methods which can be used to become a vampire.


The greatest weakness vampire's face is their need for energy, often in the form of blood. Since consuming the blood and souls of conscious beings is generally opposed by the conscious beings themselves, vampires have a constant enemy that they are intrinsically tied to. They can't live with their prey, but they can't live without them.

If a vampire finds a way to synthesize enough energy to survive, they will usually develop a second problem. As a creature increases its ability to take energy from subtle existences such as life, they will become more sensitive to the energy in the world around them. Generally if the vampire becomes good enough at synthesizing energy from blood or souls to survive, they will also become so sensitive to energy that sources such as the sun and fire will be extremely harmful to them. This is why many traditional demon induced vampires, who enjoy instant acclimation to vampirism, also suffer from the inability to go out in daylight. However there can be a convergence point for some vampires where they become so good at synthesizing energy that their power increases faster then their bodies sensitive to light and heat, and they become impervious to them once again.


Natural magic uses the actual reality of the world to create similar effects in dissimilar places. Using these principals to become a vampire requires a shamanistic approach. In this method ritual and concentration are combined to try and commune with the universe in such a way that you gain an understanding of how to affect the change you want. In the case of a vampire you are trying to eject the soul from the body, while finding a new and viable source of energy. This is a difficult thing to accomplish, and can take many months or years to accomplish.

The rejection of ones soul from ones body by choice is theoretically impossible, so this method generally has to be preformed on others. The rituals used are very similar to those used to create a zombie, and often result in a creature with similar intelligence and lack of self will.

The specific actions and thoughts necessary to perform this act are going to be very specific to your culture and particular mind set. As such the best way to learn this procedure is to do it, spending hours in concentration, and using rituals which are meaningful to you to gain a better understanding of the truths of the universe around you. Some methods you may want to try are rhythmic dancing, transcendental meditation, the use of spiritual journeys or fasts, and most important a dedication to being more aware of the nature of your own soul, in order to gain a better understanding of your relation to the spiritual world. The use of a teacher or shaman will greatly speed this process up, as they will be able to evaluate you from their own more enlightened position, and determine the methods that would work best for you individually.

One thing to note is that when creating a vampire, it is not always necessary to infuse them with a need for blood. This illegal and dangerous habit is also very difficult to develop, as the synthesis of blood and or souls into life energy is very complex. It is often easier to create a vampire which is fueled by chemical or physical energy.


In the multi-verse theory of magic, existence is composed of an infinite number of universes, within which every possibility exists. The hallmark of this method is the use of perceptual changes in yourself, to try and enter a universe in which your desired effect is true. The more unlikely an event, the more obscure the universe it exists in, and the harder it is to get there.

Becoming a vampire with this method will require the use of deep meditation and or chanting. This process is necessary to change your own perceptions enough such that you actually begin to shift your physical being towards a universe in which you are a vampire.

In using this method it is important to keep your mind open and to be ready to believe in the possibility of anything. This has to be balanced with your ability to perceive the reality of the dimension you are in at any given time. Just believing you are a vampire is not enough, you actually have to change the way your eyes see things, and the way and your mind understands them.

As usual the methods which will work best are going to have to be individually tailored to your mind and situation. A teacher will help this greatly, because they will be able to evaluate you and make suggestions from a trained position relative to you. However, as you become more proficient at this method it may become difficult to remain in a dimension in which you know the teacher, and as such you may require several teachers over the course of your training.

As far as the drinking of blood, there are many dimensions in which you are a vampire that doesn't require blood and has found a much easier method of taking in energy. As such you should try and steer yourself towards these specific dimensions. This is for your own safety and ease, as murder is not acceptable in almost any society.


Sometimes force, or balance magic has been used to create an item which is very dense in energy and vampire consciousness. vampire consciousness simply refers to thoughts or ideas about vampires, or thoughts of vampires. When this combination exists in an item, it may be used by a willing creature to invoke vampirism in their own bodies. There may be a word of power which is uniquely tied into the item and activates it, however generally they are used by concentrating on your desire. Occasionally these items are even powerful enough to be used to turn others into vampires, although this generally requires the use of someone with an extremely powerful or trained will.

There is also a theoretical possibility that a demon or spirit can give part of their power to a creature to allow them to change themselves into a vampire. This is different from regular demon induced vampirism in that the demon does not in whole become a part of the creature, but instead only a little bit of the demons power is used to initiate the reaction. This speculation has arisen because many demons have offered this power to humans and other creatures, in exchange for the use of the expelled soul. However in every reported case the demon has betrayed the person as soon as they agreed, taking not only their soul but their bodies and minds as well.



deadnick posted over 5 years ago


vampirek94 posted over 5 years ago

i wish i knew how to turn into a vampire. i already have an attribute of one which is see the future. i love the taste of blood. it makes me go just idk how to explain but i want more. im so tired of the food i eat since im not a vampire. i want to be a vampire badly. thats my goal in life to become a vampire to be able to b free.

I Hate Twi-Tards
I Hate Twi-Tards posted over 5 years ago

I will give you an honest reson that Twilight is CRAP. The vampires A)dont have fangs. B) THEY SPARKLE?!!(Really? GAY!) C) So fake it's not even funny. D) Way to predictable. I can keep the list going if you want....... I only like Vampires that follow the REAL dark legends.

MEGABABE posted over 5 years ago

First of all Twilight is not gay its kool, although the sparkling vampires and the fanglessness is alittle dumb, credit to I hate twi-hards,

 Id like to be turned, its probably not gunna happen, i believe that vampires exist, although do not live in any areas close to anyone who has commented on this thread, 

If anyone was to be turned youd be stronger faster and have heighted sense and compulsion, but youd have to wait years before you can any of the stuff you see on movies.

No magic or demons can make you a vampire youd have to be bitten, which brings me to my next point, there are so many movies tv shows and books on vampires and turning people, ive heard that you just have to be bitten or you have to sleep with a vampire or you have to be bitten then bite it back then be killed and then drink human blood or you will die. Many different theorys on how to be turned.

Living forever would be good, but to see your entire family die before you do, you can turn your whole family, let alone go to skool or work, sun light remember.... 

Ive always had in my head that im goin to live forever ( some of you or all of you will go " what this idiots crazy" but so be it). Ill live forever being human or vampire, vampire would be preferred but we cant all have what we wont.



This post may have nothing to do with anything, but i just wonted to put in my 2cents worth.

P.S Please excuse the spelling mistakes


MEGABABE... im a dude BTW

CJStJohn posted over 4 years ago
I was a turned vampire, and Im glad i am a vampire.Cool
Elikira posted over 4 years ago

Looking for real blood vampires. Not looking to be turned, don't see any benefits. People who say they are vampires just because they drink blood, don't bother. I allready know a lot about the poser type, energy vampires and blood vampires. My young follower is looking to be turned in few years, so taken care of on the turning part. Just need more information.  Email at if your a bloo vampire of want to learn more.

mystic997 posted over 4 years ago

Its my ONE wish!!!

boof25 posted over 3 years ago
i want to be turned into a real vampire this is no joke id do anything to get my wish for anyone who wld like to discuss this with me
zo-babe posted over 3 years ago

i think its the best thing that could happen p.s if you know how to turn or can turn me email me thanks !!!!!