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Being a Swooning Fangirl

Created by inyourpanorama. Last Edited by inyourpanorama. Tagged as: Experiences, Other
Being a Swooning Fangirl

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Sighhhh. Oh (insert name of object of affection here), how I love thee!

Yeah, it makes you feel like an idiot if you catch yourself doing it in public, but does it ever feel great to let yourself get all moony and bubble-headed and have ridiculously florid daydreams when in the presence (real or virtual) of some lovely individual. Mmmmmm.


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thecitizeneraser posted over 8 years ago

Amen, Cat! swoooooooooooons

inyourpanorama posted over 8 years ago

I knew some of my fellow GFRers would love this…;)

kaleidoscopeeyes posted over 8 years ago

Oh oh oh, amen! Or… a man! Ghehe.

emoxrocker posted over 7 years ago

swoons __

DLawliet posted over 6 years ago


Inuneko posted over 3 years ago

kehehe *high pitched giggle*