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Beautiful Gay Boys

Created by piggy star. Last Edited by piggy star. Tagged as: People
Beautiful Gay Boys
Beautiful Gay Boys Beautiful Gay Boys

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Florcita posted over 7 years ago

I personally think it's a waste when guys so cute are effeminate or even gay.

At least for us girls...:-)

Clarabella posted over 7 years ago

Not so much, if they can be our best friends.. and if they let us watch…..LOL

bi mat
bi mat posted over 7 years ago

you both dit as fuck

fjian posted over 7 years ago

i like the movie,it's beautiful.

deathnoterox posted over 6 years ago
y is it thet alot of HOTT boyz r gay?!that is bad 4 girlz!(or @ least every gilrl i no)
BESIDEYOU posted over 4 years ago

oh my!

there must be something wrong with my mind

ZHBHUSSAIN posted over 4 years ago

how chat............ i m new