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Battle(korean Band)

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Battle(korean Band)

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Battle (배틀) is a Korean boy band that debuted on December 17, 2006 with the release of their first single "Crash". They are most popular for winning the reality show, Let's Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa! The group includes Ryu, Tae-hwa, Lio, Shin Ki-hyun, Chris, and Hwi-chan.


Ryu (Won Seung-jae), 20, picked by Andy of Shinhwa, is the oldest among the six and the leader. Having been a model, he decided to put his catwalk days behind him to concentrate on his music and on a possible acting career.

Ki-hyun (Shin Ki-hyun), 20, who stands at an intimidating 187cm, often slouches to look the same height as his fellow members. Kihyun loves playing soccer and is competitive at heart. Chosen by Shinhwa's member Eric, Ki-hyun contributes his talent in rapping to Battle’s songs but he has worked on his vocals and now sings some small parts in their songs.

Lio (Park Ji-woon), 20, was chosen by Jun Jin of Shinhwa and was also featured in Junjin’s first solo album. Having studied in China, Lio is fluent in Mandarin and is currently studying English. Armed with a mischievous smile, Lio is considered to be one of the best dancers in Battle, charming fans with his smooth moves and lopsided grin. He was featured in Jun Jin's solo debut under the track "Come Back."

Tae-hwa (Jin Tae-hwa), 19, is the best dancer in the group, chosen by Shinhwa's own choreographer and dancer Min Woo to be part of Battle. During “Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!” the popularity award was bestowed upon him. He has a great voice which is used on all of Battles songs.

Hwi-chan (Kim Taek-wan), 19, replaced Shinhwa member Dongwan’s initial choice, Jang-hyun. After Jang-hyun decided to head to college instead, Hwi-chan stepped in and joined Battle, providing his strong, melodic voice to the group. Having lived with his grandma for most of his life, because Hwichan's parents worked long hours, he received devastating news that she died not long after he was eliminated from the show.

Chris (Jung Hyung-rok), 18, is the mangnae of the group and was picked by Hye Sung of Shinhwa. Though he was born in Seoul, he and his family moved to California when he was young. He attended Burbank Elementary School, Ross Middle School, Gahr High School, and then Torrance High School. Rather like the mother of the group, Chris loves to cook for his fellow members, and lends a soft, sweet-catchy voice to Battle.


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jenniferlicious posted over 7 years ago

heyys battle

even though aii never heard of it buh

adriana told mee bout it ,its pretty gud their song...

anyways first to comment HEHEHEc(= l

Kynn posted over 7 years ago

i luv battle… my fav is hwichan…. gosh, the guys(members) are such a hotties…

Suju13 posted over 7 years ago
Thy are cute..Embarassed
xoxjaesihaehyunoxo posted over 7 years ago

hwichan is so~ cute! i love their song ' mal hae ' >.< they're all cute~ =D~!

kz109 posted over 7 years ago

i love Battle their so hot and cute

my favourite is Ki Hyun obviously (<<<< pointing to profile picture xD)= hes so cute and hot i luv him hes very shy and sweet,and i love his adorable EYES!! lmao but man is he TALL!!! im so short so next to him i wodnt evn look lyk a mouse id look lyk an ant!! XD, i neva see him much in the MV's he doesnt have alot of parts he only does one or 2 and its singing i thought he was a rapper?... but anyways still love him!!xD he can be VERY funny at times wtch Battles role playing!! he was so funny there!! XD

lio= hes so cool, gurls luv his hotness!!(i perfer his long orangey hair doe it was hotter >---< xD) i think hes da best dancer out of battle,he was very funny when Battle was doing role plays(wtch it at youtube!!) on how to get girls!! his one was so funny!! xD

Chris= he certainly doesnt look lyk the mangnae out of the group but he kinda acts lyk one xDD!! hes such a cutiee i love his soft,high tone voice (evn if taehwa mocks about it!!Taewha does an imitation of it xD) i thought he was th oldest out of the group and Ki Hyun was the youngest!!XD but anyways hes very cool,kind and cute doe =] he is very good in english as one of his talents!

HwiChan= this guy is cool but for some apparent reason he reminds me of eeteuk from suju!!! ands thts why i kept thinking he was the leader of battle not Ryu!! XD can be cute sometimes... ^-^

Taewha= this guy was the frist to catch my eye coz he look lyk Yesung!!!! so he was my favourite first but then my favourite changed(to Ki Hyun! xD), i love his purplish hair,maybe one of the most popluar members out of battle next to lio and the best dancer aswell he gets the most singing parts in Battle.. gurls love this guy!haha hes shortest out of all Battle members!! (<<< true fact right their haha xDD)

Ryu=The leader of the Battle, i dnt know to much about him though!! lolzz sorry to all the Ryu not one of his fans doe,im not saying i dont like him (i love evryone in Battle) hes just not my one of my favs x( but gurls seem to love him alot!!!!! maybe becoz hes the leader! gurls are suckerz for boy band leaders for eg: G-dragon from big bang!(not my fav out of big bang doe, im not one of does type of gurls!! XD) hes also the second tallest in Battle

YAY cant wait for battle to do more shows,and dramas and EVRYTHING!! Battle Hwaiting!! >.< luv ya guys

fight4u posted over 6 years ago

new single is sound good.. i love them !!

dbsq_luv posted over 6 years ago

i love them...

shin ki hyun sooo cute. 

Kynn posted over 6 years ago

love their new singles….. Luv U,step by step & also big change( feat deegie) wow guys u should hear these songs…

Kynn posted over 6 years ago

love their new singles….. Luv U,step by step & also big change( feat deegie) wow guys u should hear these songs… too bad ki hyun left the group cos he wants 2 focus on his acting career

kLoVeRk posted over 6 years ago

I LOVE them, they're so CUTE!!

minhoismine posted over 6 years ago

i love Hwichan,Chris and Ryu..Wink

i love you..

Battle fighting..