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Bad Family

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Bad Family

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Na Rim is the youngest child of an affluent family. Na Rim and her family are about to go on a family trip when an employee from the family company shows up who has apparently done something wrong. He begs for forgiveness but Na Rim’s father refuses.The family leaves but the employee (assistant CEO ) follows in his own car, leading to a car accident where everyone in the car dies, except for Na Rim. Na Rim’s surviving uncle begins to suspect that the assistant CEO of the company is responsible for the death of his family, but the only one alive to tell what happened is Na Rim, who suffers from amnesia. In order to restore her memory, the uncle hires Oh Dal Gun, an ex-gangster, to create a ‘similar family’ for Na Rim. If Na Rim is happy then the chances of her getting her memory back are higher.

Oh Dal Gun has a large debt and in order to repay his debt, he has established a company that provides fake families for people in need. Actors are hired to play the parts of family members for events such as weddings or funerals.

Kim Yang Ah is an orphan with 3 younger brothers and makes a living as a fisherwoman. Although cute, she has a temper. By chance she meets Dal Gun while he is being chased by the men he owes a debt to. Even though Yang Ah helps Dal Gun escape, they eventually find him and beat him to a bloodly pulp, and end up accidentally setting Yang Ah’s boat on fire. Yang Ah returns to find her boat in tatters.

Jang Hang Gu, Park Bok Nyu, and Um Ji Sook all owe debts to the man that Dal Gun use to work for. In order to pay their debts, Dal Gun’s coerces them to work for him. Hang Gu is a dance instructor, Bok Nyu sells potstickers and Ji Sook sells coffee for a living. Bok Nyu and Ji Sook really dislike each other and bicker all the time. Gi Dong works for a debt collection agency. Gong Min appears to be a homeless youth that Dal Gun finds on the streets, but is fact from a very rich family. Having ran away from home, he works at a salon as a shampoo boy.

With the majority of the family in place, Dal Gun goes to find the person to play the part of Na Rim’s sister. He decides on a girl that happens to be Yang Ah’s friend, who resists Dal Gun. Yang Ah realizes who Dal Gun is and goes after him. Although not originally chosen to be the sister, since Na Rim has already met Yang Ah and has been told that she is her sister, Dal Gun has to take a long time to convince Yang Ah to play the role.

Yang Ah also happens to meet Ha Tae Kyung when he knocks over her squid stand. They end up getting into an altercation that results in Yang Ah dumping a bunch of raw squid into his car. They later meet again as well when she is playing the role of Na Rim’s sister.


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sunJin posted over 8 years ago

good kOrean seRies^^

momochan posted over 7 years ago

I loved this becuase it wasn’t the typical asian girl-get-cancer plot.

selle18 posted over 7 years ago

I can't simply state "This show is ultimately about..."  because it has many underlying themes and perks.

It is about love and family...mixed in with the darker themes of murder and deceit.

It's also about hard-working, socioeconomically disadvanged people who learn that success is only accomplished by trusting and relying on those who care for you (i.e. family and friends).

It's about people with hard exteriors but kind hearts who struggle with morally-questionable choices.

It's this and much more.


>This drama had so much heart, along with great acting, character development, humor and an extremely satisfying conclusion. It never once dragged or got unrealistically sentimental or trite. It was great fun watching all the mismatched relationships and the bonds formed between strangers (or acquaintances that never got along) thrown together reluctantly into a somewhat hostile family setting. Every character is so unique, from the ill-mannered but caring gangster 'uncle' to the dirty, foul-mouthed 'grandmother', and so on. And even though I already mentioned the great acting, I would like to single out the children in the movie. Na Rim and the three Yang brothers (ranging from the approximate ages of seven to thirteen) all delivered amazing, heart-warming performances.>


Watch this on your own. Watch it with your friends or family. Watch it with your pet.

Just watch it. :) I promise you'll love it as much as I did. 


menimee posted over 7 years ago



out_cast posted over 6 years ago

it was the best, simple family drama. If you want to get away from the typical melodrama, this would be your first choice. I've watched it about four times, and i wasn't bored at all. If you feel down just watch the early episodes, You will have a blust. There were also times when I had to cry. 

I recommend this serious for everybody I have to say it's one of the underated korean drama i've known. If you guys watch it you all will find yourself sink to it, not to mention being relate to it somehow cus i have...

I've said too much