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Autumn in My Heart

Created by _08. Last Edited by _08. Tagged as: TV
Autumn in My Heart
Autumn in My Heart Autumn in My Heart Autumn in My Heart Autumn in My Heart Autumn in My Heart

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Autumn in my heart started the "korean wave" in the philippines when a local network finally bought the rights to air this show. The title has been changed to "Endless Love", and character names were even "filipinized". Junsuh to "Johnny", Eunsuh to "Jenny" and Taesuhk to "Andrew".


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flatterfly posted over 6 years ago

very tear jerky.. so nice. :))

chonalyn posted over 5 years ago

'''wow its so nice i love it…...muahhhhzzz

jhge posted over 5 years ago

so nice!!!!!

Anmi posted over 5 years ago

Autumn in my heart is a very touching story…....i really like it!!!!!!

heni1288 posted over 4 years ago

bnar2 nyentuh ht knpa ya crita korean sll berakhir dg ksdihan?

Simon Moua
Simon Moua posted over 3 years ago

one of the best movie ever, made me cry

akuma devil
akuma devil posted over 3 years ago

I was crying so much so I had to stop watching because I was afraid someone would see me

Senri posted over 3 years ago

tHe fiRst kDrama tatS i cRy….:(

cool gal
cool gal posted over 2 years ago

I love it soooooooo much!!first drama to make me cry.