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Augustana Augustana Augustana Augustana

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xiao di
xiao di posted over 6 years ago

i like this band i like the vocalist

his voice is so sexy



Avenging Angel 07
Avenging Angel 07 posted over 6 years ago

the bassist is my favorite, he is so cute  :)

streakofsunlight posted over 5 years ago

Augustana is my favorite band in the entire world. They have those kind of start playing them and you think, "ugh, I've overplayed this song, I hate it now", and then when you get to the chorus, you think, "actually, I still like this song."

Their songs never get old, in other words.

Charmyyy posted over 5 years ago

Dan Layus has such a soft & amazing voice! Aah, I'm in love with this band, much. <3