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Alice Academy

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Alice Academy
Alice Academy Alice Academy Alice Academy Alice Academy Alice Academy Alice Academy Alice Academy

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GIRLfromHELL Rika!!!XD cool gal GakuenAlice Hanna-me Fanno1 xiao di enialle xXxDoneexXx renziedrike♥kawaiiyuu irenemae GirlGoodbye19 QueeNLOnELy kk-animegirl~nya! kai-lover nina sakura Anime_Liezel_lol NATSUME nakim Sundaelala melody21 nickspretty emustan Mikan Mikan_Hyuuga sweet sew girlboy1356 U-Know4ever Maya-galning sonie U is No.1 oxjiRzOxo msjaggerjack ♥SaKuRa♥ Dark >: { ["kathy akelos yumo AnissinaLovesArashi sachiko hyuuga chochino Rose2NeverEver xXusuiXx18 jovel ryosaku_kikz peacelovesleep77 Neliei


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Hanna-me posted over 7 years ago

How cute Miken!

chochino posted over 6 years ago

its wonderful anime,.all the characters have great alice's


jovel posted over 6 years ago

I like this anime…so funny..

MAORI posted over 6 years ago



hope i have alice too..


wkwkwkwk :)

nickspretty posted over 5 years ago

how cute they are especially mikan...

how romantic mikan & natsume..i like it so much..

i like also the story...its so interesting

msjaggerjack posted over 4 years ago


Sundaelala posted over 4 years ago

One of the funniest Animes I’ve seen, ever! I really enjoyed watching it. :D Too bad the series had to end so soon! :(

Fanno1 posted over 4 years ago

Natsume is so adorable as well as miken . I love their Alice

kokila posted over 3 years ago

I Like This Cartoon.

cool gal
cool gal posted over 3 years ago
this is the best cartoon ever.mikan and natsume is the the bst couple ever they r cute together.if anyone know what hapens to natsume in the end plssssssssss email me my adres z
melody21 posted over 3 years ago

i love this very….......much

Fanno1 posted over 2 years ago

Natsume died at the manga, i was so sad. Upto what i read anyway unless the use a special alice he is dead