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Alexis Bledel

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Alexis Bledel
Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel

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Name: Kimberly Alexis Bledel

Nicknames: Kim

Birthdate: 1981, September 16

Zodiac: Virgo

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, USA

Religion: Catholic

Education: St. Agnes Academy, New York University’s Tisch School of Arts

Profession: Actress

Languages: Spanish, English

Family: Father (Martin Bledel), Mother (Nanette Bledel), Younger Brother (Eric Daniel)

Pets: Maltese-chihuahua called Sophie

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Photography

Dislikes: Coffee


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nysh8 posted over 7 years ago

gorgeous eyes..and cute voice..although sometime the whiny voice can be annoying

XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

Her eyes make me speechless….

Saddam posted over 7 years ago

most beautiful teenager – she is nearly 30?????

M_eanwhile posted over 7 years ago

Gilmore Girls sucks. Sorry to say it.

samsam9212 posted over 6 years ago

her eyes..its dazzling :D i like her when i started watching gilmore girls.. she looks cute and adorable :) pretty too ^^

[[Rawrr]] posted over 5 years ago

never got into Gilmore Girls but I like her in Sisterhood movies. Though, I thought she got her start in Seventeen as a model and wound up in acting….

DBSK Lover 101
DBSK Lover 101 posted over 5 years ago

this girl used to go to my school! it's SOOO cool my freind's grandma was her 1st grade teacher!

Jue_bfly posted over 5 years ago

beautiful women!!! can’t believe she’s age nearly 30 already… her face looks like teenager…

kelly lu
kelly lu posted over 5 years ago



WHAT ?!!!!!!!!

Ice Beauty
Ice Beauty posted over 4 years ago

She was great in Gilmore Girls =)

civzhu posted over 3 years ago