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Akatsuki Pain

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Akatsuki Pain
Akatsuki Pain Akatsuki Pain Akatsuki Pain Akatsuki Pain Akatsuki Pain

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  • Ring: 零 ("nothing", "zero")
  • Ring position: Right thumb
  • Partner: Konan

Pain (ペイン, Pein is the leader of Akatsuki. When he was younger, Pain, then known as Nagato (長門), Konan, and Yahiko were left orphaned by one of Amegakure's many wars, forcing them to fend for themselves. The three eventually encountered Jiraiya, who looked after them and taught them basic ninjutsu. Sometime after Jiraiya left the three, Pain began to believe that his childhood suffering had enlightened him, and started to view himself as a god destined to teach the world the meaninglessness of fighting.[38] As such, he began a civil war within Amegakure, which he subsequently ended by singlehandedly killing the village's leader, Hanzo. To make sure there were no sympathizers of Hanzo remaining in the village, Pain killed all of Hanzo's family, friends, and affiliates, elevating himself to god-like status amongst the townspeople in the process.[39] He now uses the village as his base of operations for Akatsuki, where he is partnered with Konan. Although he directs the actions of the other members and maintains authority over them, Pain takes orders from Tobi.[40]

During his time with Jiraiya, Pain awakened his Rinnegan ( 輪廻眼, Rinnegan literally "Samsara Eye"), characterized by a number of concentric circles around the pupil. The eyes, first possessed by the founder of the ninja world and the creator of the first jutsu, give Pain access to all six types of elemental chakra.[41] In later years he exhibits the ability to clone his subordinates with his Shapeshifting Technique (象転の術, Shōten no Jutsu, in which he uses human sacrifices to create a perfect copy of another person, controlled remotely by the original. The clones formed possess any unique genetic traits or weapons the original has, but its abilities are proportionate to the amount of chakra given to the clone. Pain can control rain and can detect the movements and chakra levels of people traveling within it.42"The Six Paths of Pain"; Pain's six physical bodies
"The Six Paths of Pain"; Pain's six physical bodies

Pain is shown to have at least six physical bodies that he is able to switch between43, which he refers to as "The Six Paths of Pain" (ペイン六道, Pein Rikudō, stating that the alias "Pain" is shared by all six. When not in use, the inactive bodies are shown to lay in numbered pods, concealed in a hidden chamber in Amegakure.[45] Of the six bodies he has been seen in, the only common characteristics are the same orange hair color, a number of piercings that differ between bodies, and the Rinnegan. Each body has its own unique abilities, allowing Pain to use different bodies to deal with a variety of situations. The body with a large ponytail (pictured on the far left) is able to summon a wide array of creatures as well as Pain's other bodies. The fat body (far right) is able to absorb ninjutsu as a form of defense.[46] The Rinnegan allows them to share visual information seamlessly, giving him the ability to coordinate offense and defense as if they were a single entity. Of the six bodies, none resemble the former Nagato, though Jiraiya notes that the first body Pain appeared in (third from the right) is that of Yahiko.


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hidan's_girl posted over 7 years ago

why does he have to be so hot?!

tony' posted over 5 years ago

wow really comw on


joegirl404 posted over 5 years ago

Pein might be the coolest/stongest akatsuki member but he's definatly not the hottest kakuzu or hidan would win hands down.

AnimeFanGirl4Ever posted over 5 years ago

i loved dedara and itachi, tobi was soooo funny lol!


ShikaIno posted over 5 years ago
Hmmmm...Yeah, Pain it's hot...but only in his Deva Path formTongue out!The guy has a really sad life...I feel pity for him...sometimes...Dunno, he just makes me feel sad...All that..."Pain"?! that he has in himself...and that piercing...But all in all he's fineSmile!
EmoPrincess002 posted over 4 years ago

He is cool,quiet(most of the time) and hot,if I say so.