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Ai No Kusabi

Created by Mistress of Yaoi. Last Edited by Mistress of Yaoi. Tagged as: Untagged
Ai No Kusabi

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a story based in a dark futrue on another planet where ones hair colour determs there lot in life a Blondie named Iason Mink saves a Mongrel named Riki who he then takes in as his own personal 'Pet'

An anime that was before its time when it was made it is a brilliant Yaoi classic.


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chisea kairi15 Hibari Rei cawalls moonwolfram mansikkakiivi LucB69 ulysses GAUCHE Mistress of Yaoi vazsi jenny214


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GAUCHE posted over 6 years ago

well i'm really suprised that only 2 of us have bested this!! This Yaoi manga/anime is just superb!! the characters, the plot, the angst and the 'yaoi' in it… well, i dont think there is any manga/anime that can beat "ai no kusabi".

Hibari Rei
Hibari Rei posted over 5 years ago

I agree with you. Ai no Kusabi is one of the best yaoi anime I have watched. ^^ Sadly, I can’t say much about it’s manga version ‘couse I didn’t have the chance to get my hands on it. -sigh-

MarcusF posted over 5 years ago

This is actually Taming Riki by Kira Takenouchi, NOT Ai no Kusabi. Taming Rik is an Ai no Kusabi-based trilogy by Kira Takenouchi, part of which can be read online here:

The art by was Tata, for Taming Riki Vol, I, Part 1.

moonwolfram posted over 4 years ago
i love this anime :3Tongue out
chisea posted about 1 year ago

i love this anime so….. much…. id like to watch it again and agian….