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Mort posted over 8 years ago

I love 69. It is one of my favourite positions with a nice lady. One of the things you have to wath for is you and your partnerhave to be close to the same height or you can get awfull cramped while you are doing it. There are many other nice numbersto play with. I would be interestted in any nice females presenting a discussion of their favourite numbered positions. Mort

aRefuge posted over 8 years ago

I’m shorter than my gf, but I have a huggggge penis. Good thing, cause if I didn’t, she really would get cramped as Mort suggests.

this may or may not be true.

Ian Ex Machina
Ian Ex Machina posted over 8 years ago

I love seeing “One person is curious about this” written for this stuff.

Boomstam posted over 7 years ago

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