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1980's 1980's

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Feathered Hair Rave, tons of it Stick-up bangs Multicolored Crimped Side Ponytails Ultra-Teased Platinum Blonde Glitter Rainbow Mohawks Long & Layered Slightly Teased Long Frizzy w/Bangs Curly

FaCe Light Pink Lips Glitter Colored Mascara Blue Eyeshadow Beauty Moles Punk Piercings Ray-Bans Glasses

Vivid Makeup

Skirts & Jackets Off-Shoulder Shirts 3/4 Sleeves Crop Top Primary Colors Pink Sweater Sweater on Waist Neon Matching Socks Thick Belts Long T-Shirts Mini Skirts Rock Band Shirts Black & Neon Leather or Jean Jackets Chains on Leather Rolled Sleeves Pastels Sleeveless Shirts Ocean Pacific T-Shirts

Legs Tight Stonewashed Jeans Zippered Legs 3/4 Length Legging Legwarmers Scrunch Socks Exercise Gear Super Tight Minis Colored Hose w/Rips Spandex Tight Leather Pants Bright Colors Spandex Tight Stonewashed Jeans Jammers Parachute Pants Corduroy Pants

Accessories Clock Necklaces Friendship Stuff Many Swatches Swatch Protectors Plastic Charms Hoop Earrings Slouch Sock High Tops Puff Paint Safety Pins Beads Slap Bracelets Rubber Bracelets Jellies Big Hair Bows Braces With Color Rubberbands Croc Dundee Hats Rhinestone Glove Brimmed Hats Neon Book Covers Hightops Trapper Keepers

Necessary Brands Ocean Pacific Banana Republic Reebok LA Gear Liz Claiborn Keds Esprit Gap Jordache Guess Kaepa Izod Ralph Loren Vans Adidas


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cyn posted over 8 years ago


quaternions posted over 7 years ago

All the best music comes from the 80s

MissBritain[RWS] posted over 7 years ago

the 80’s shall never die, best time fram ever!

Kittyn posted over 7 years ago

I remember this particular trend…

three quarter tights with contrasting flourescent g-string (thong) aerobics gear, high set and to the side pony tail. Matching leg warmers with white sneakers or ankle high canvas boots. Waist gathered college jacket with snake skin hand bag.Contrasting flourescent plastic flat hooped earings with matching bangles. and a matching scrunchy in their hair, of course! mmmmmmm

uhhelloitsfreakingalexis posted over 7 years ago

wasn’t born then xDD i love it though. wish i was born then.

AuroraGarnet posted over 6 years ago


IT-BE-TOMM posted over 6 years ago

people call scene kis throw backs to the eighty's, but so what? THE 80's WERE COOOOL!

Tara*Starr posted over 6 years ago

the coolest, infinite 80…..